Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We produce excellent quality olive oil from the local varieties of Koroneiki and Athinolia;
a product-pillar of the Mediterranean diet.


Extra high quality, following all the necessary procedures: harvesting from the beginning of October, low malaxation temperature during daily pressing, storage of olive oil in an air-conditioned space in stainless steel tanks with nitrogen supply system.


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With the beginning of Spring we go to our dry olive groves in order to apply the appropriate cultivation techniques in consultation with our responsible agronomist. By strictly avoiding the use of pesticides and choosing mainly organic fertilisation, we ensure the excellent quality of the fruit and consequently, of our olive oil.


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During the first 10 days of October we begin the harvesting process, which is usually completed in mid-December. The olives’ harvesting is implemented with the use of mechanical means of the latest technology in order to avoid damaging the fruit and cause oxidation. The process is completed by temporarily storaging and transporting the olives in special suitable crates of small capacity.

Olive oil extraction

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Then we move on to the olive oil extraction stage, which is applied within 12 hours of harvesting, in a state-of-the-art two-phase mill. Applying 15-30mins malaxation time, low temperature (<27⁰C) throughout the process and minimal to zero water addition, we ensure maximum quality and taste.


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Completing the process, the necessary filtration takes place to preserve the antioxidant effect of the olive oil. The olive oil is then stored in stainless steel tanks with automatically controlled temperature (14-16⁰C) and continuous nitrogen flow to ensure the organoleptic and quality characteristics and to avoid oxidation until the standardisation stage.

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